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Create a New User

Before you begin integration, your ChMS administrator must create a unique administrator login. This login gives Go Method permission to request changes from your ChMS. Synchronization activity is also accredited to this login in your change log or audit record. This must be a new user login.

  • You must be a Go Method admin to do this.
  • You must be a ChMS system admin to do this.

This administrative user you create in these steps is also referred to as an API User.

  1. Log in to Church Community Builder.
  2. In the top right, click the gear icon. Your system settings display.
  3. Click API.
    screenshot of System Settings
  4. To the right, click Add a new API User.
    screenshot of Add a new API User.
  5. Create your API Username and API Password.
    Tip: We recommend "Go Method" for theAPI Username.
    Set API Username and API Password
  6. Click Services.
  7. Select the following API Service options:
    • add_individual_to_event
    • add_individual_to_group
    • add_individual_to_queue
    • campus_list
    • create_event
    • create_event_attendance
    • create_individual
    • custom_field_labels
    • event_profile
    • event_profiles
    • family_detail
    • family_list
    • group_profile_from_id
    • group_profiles
    • individual_notes
    • individual_profile
    • individual_profile_from_id
    • individual queues
    • individual_search
    • membership_type_detail
    • membership_type_list
    • mobile_carrier_list
    • online_giving_insert_gift
    • process_list
    • process_managers
    • public_calendar_listing
    • queue_individuals
    • queue_list
    • remove_individual_from_group
    • transaction_detail_type_list
    • update_individual
  8. Click Save.

Your API user has been created. Remember the username and password you created for the final integration steps.

Log in to Go Method and associate the new administrator.