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Personalize Your Site

Upload your organization's logo and select a color theme that matches or compliments your brand. You can adjust system settings and make more advanced customization (adjust notifications, revise email, etc.) when you're ready.

Upload or Change My Logo

You can customize Go Method to reflect your church or organization's branding.

  • Your logo saved in a .png, .jpg, or .svg file format at least 60 pixels high.
  • You must be a Go Method administrator to do this.
Your logo represents your organization's public image. Avoid cutting and pasting a logo from your existing website. Done too quickly, this can result in a fuzzy or unevenly cropped image. Try to obtain a crisp or original logo file.
  1. Click Admin > Settings.
  2. In the left menu, click Themes, then clickChange.
  3. Select the image from your computer or network files and click Open.
  4. If you're image is too large, click and drag the image box to capture the portion you want to use. You can also rotate the image. When finished adjusting the image, click Done.
Your logo displays at the top left of every page. To remove or change the logo, return to this page and click Remove or Change.

Choose a Color Scheme

Choose one of our color combinations or create your own!

  • You must be a Go Method administrator to do this.
  • To match your organization's brand, as your graphic designer for the hex codes for your color scheme.
To get started quickly, use one of our coordinated color schemes. When you select a palette, you can see a preview on the upper right. You can return to this page later to apply custom colors. Just ask your graphic designer for your brand's hex or RGB codes.
  1. Click Admin > Settings.
  2. In the left menu, click Themes.
  3. Under Choose A Theme, select a color combination, then click Use Selected Theme.
  4. You can also create a new theme to match your brand. Under Customize Your Colors, enter the color codes for your background, banner and accent colors. Then, click Use Custom Colors.
Your color scheme is now applied to your site. You can return to Themes to update your brand at any time.