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Using a Vanco Card Reader with Abundant

Whether you're hosting a weekly church dinner or selling tickets to an event, you can use Vanco's Swipe card reader to accept payments on your phone or tablet.

ACS has an import feature that speeds up the process to add those transactions to your contribution data.

Once you have a Vanco sub-account, you can use a card reader with ACS Contributions and Abundant.
  1. To set up a Vanco sub-account, visit our Add-On Services website.
  2. In the I am an existing Vanco client needing to... drop-down list, select Add Hardware.
  3. Complete the form, then click Next to submit it.
  4. In the Vanco Service Center, set up the appropriate options for your card reader.
Once you've set up your sub-account and Vanco Service Center, you can connect your merchant account and import payments from the mobile card reader.