Network Loading Instructions

Before loading the latest update to your ACS software, exit ACS, and make a backup of your ACS People Suite and ACS Financial Suite data. Save this backup to a secure location, such as a local or network drive storage, or other external media such as a flash drive or CD. Backups should not be stored within ACS directories (ACSNET or WINACS folders).

The workstation from which you upgrade the server is updated as part of the server upgrade process. For other workstations, the first time a user logs in to ACS after the server is upgraded, the workstation prompts the user to load the upgrade. When this prompt displays, click Yes to upgrade the workstation.

If you are running the ACS Scheduled Backup Service, the update will load more quickly if you load it from the workstation hosting the backup service.

  1. Visit the Downloads page of the ACS Client Portal and sign in with your Email, Site Number, and PIN. Contact ACS Support if you need this information.
  2. Select the current version of ACS. Click Download, and save the file to your computer.
  3. Right-click the .exe file you saved and click Run as Administrator.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.
When you're finished, make another backup of your ACS People Suite and ACS Financial Suite data. Make sure to include the new ACS version number as part of the file name, and save this backup with the others for safe keeping.