Create the Event Export

The Event Export creates a .CSV file of event information for all events during a specific date range.

You can also create an additional extract that displays event bookings, sorted by the event name and resource.

You can choose which events to export to the .CSV file. You can customize the export to include data based on a selected query, event types (pending, confirmed, approved, or canceled), selected calendars or tags, or resource types and categories.

  1. Click the Reports tab.
  2. Under Report Menu, select Event Export.
  3. On the Custom tab, under Events Export, enter an export Title and select the Date Range for events to include.
  4. In the File Name field, choose a location to save your export.
  5. To export bookings, select Create an additional extract for bookings, then select a location to save the export.
  6. Under Options, select a Query, Types, Calendars to extract events from, Tags, and Resource Types, Categories, and Resources, if applicable.
  7. To generate your export, click on the Export tab.

ACS Facility Scheduler saves the export in the location you selected.

After exporting the data, you can design custom reports in programs such as Microsoft® Excel©.