Synchronize Calendars and Contacts with Outlook

On the Calendar tab, you can sync calendar events to Outlook, and if you use Access ACS, you can also sync contacts to Outlook.

When syncing calendars, only calendars from ACS Facility Scheduler sync to Outlook. You must also have Outlook open to sync.

You can select a date range for events to include. This date range has no limit, but the export takes longer if you have a large amount of data. You can also select the calendar to sync and create multiple calendars.

By default, all calendars are selected, and published events for these calendars display. Facility Scheduler users with more rights to a calendar see additional events. For example, the youth director can see pending events on the youth calendar.

If you select Show Published from All Calendars, all published events display for all users. For additional calendars selected, events are included for users with rights to that calendar. For example, if a staff member has rights to multiple calendars but only wants to see additional events on the Worship calendar, you should only select the Worship calendar.

The calendar export contains the event's name, date, time, primary location, description, and status. To update the information, sync the calendar data again, and the sync overwrites the old information.

If you have Access ACS, you can sync your contacts to Outlook. You can select the file location for your contacts, and if you sync again, your file is overwritten.

When you sync contacts, the contact's name, address, phone, and e-mail display. However, unlisted addresses and phone numbers do not display.
Note: Syncing to Outlook replaces the Microsoft Outlook Add-In.
  1. On the Calendar tab, click Calendar.
  2. Click on the Month view.
  3. In the Actions list, click Calendar Sync.
  4. In the Sync with Microsoft Outlook® window, under Sync Events, select the Start Date and Stop Date you want to sync events for.
  5. Enter the Calendar Name and select the Calendars you want to sync.
  6. To display all published events for all users, select Show Published from All Calendars.
  7. To sync contacts, select Sync Contacts, then enter the name of the Contacts Folder to export to.
  8. Click OK.