After you set up an event, you can add sub-events to it.

Adding sub-events is similar to adding events, but you can only add sub-events to existing events.

For example, you set up a youth retreat as an event. During the retreat, you plan to offer multiple sessions for participants to attend. You can set each session up as a sub-event. When members register for the youth retreat, they can also sign up for the sessions.

You can set up prices for sub-event registration periods, or offer free sub-events. If you have an authorized merchant account, members can pay registration fees online.Sub-events can have their own registrations periods, questions, forms, and supplies. You can also reorder subevents.

If you edit a sub-event, the change only applies to future registrations.

You can cancel a sub-event as long as no one has registered for the sub-event. If someone has registered for a sub-event, the individual sub-event cannot be canceled; however, the entire event can be canceled.