Search for Events

You can quickly search for and edit events on the ACS Facility Scheduler calendar.

The first 50 matching results display in the grid, along with the event's location, start and stop dates, and recurrence pattern.
  1. On the Calendar tab, click Find Event.
  2. In the Find Event field, enter a portion of the event name.
  3. If you know roughly when your event is held, select Event Date is between to enter a date range.
  4. Click Show Results.
  5. To edit an event, select the event and click Edit Event.
    1. If the event is a series, the entire series changes based on your selections. When the confirmation message displays, click OK to edit the series.
    2. If you want to edit a specific event occurrence, you must do so from the Calendar or Bookings view.
  6. Make your desired changes.
  7. Click Save & Close.