Edit Events

You can edit events in ACS Facility Scheduler if you need to change an event's time or other details.

When editing events, the status bar (at the bottom of the event window) displays the Facility Scheduler user who last modified the event and the date and time the event was edited. You can also view the change log to see more details.

ACS Facility Scheduler users with rights to edit events in the primary calendar can edit approved or confirmed events. After saving, the event status changes to Pending, and the event displays as Unpublished. If a user doesn't have rights to approve, confirm, or cancel events, only the Pending status displays.

If you also use Access ACS, changes you make to events are updated in Access ACS. However, those who copied events to their personal calendars are not notified of changes.

You can also view and print your event's details without having to access reports. To do this, when editing the event, click Print.

  1. On the Calendar tab, click Calendar.
  2. Select the event you want to edit.
  3. In the Actions group, click Edit Event.
  4. If the event is recurring, select to edit the single occurrence or the event series, then click OK.
  5. Make the changes to the event.
  6. In the Actions group, click Save and Close.