Booking Resources

You can book resources for specific events.

This reserves the resource and prevents scheduling conflicts. For example, you can book the fellowship hall for the luncheon, the van for a youth trip, or the pastor for a wedding.

The Bookings view displays a grid listing resources and the events they are booked for, along with the setup and teardown times. You can view an event's details by placing your cursor over the event in the Bookings view.

When a resource is booked, no other event can schedule that resource for the same time.

When adding resources, on the ribbon, click Conflicts to display a list of conflicts. To make resolving conflicts easier, you can print the list.

Setup and Teardown Time

When a resource is reserved for an event, it often has to be reserved for longer than the actual event.

For example, if the fellowship hall is booked for a luncheon, you need to reserve it for several hours before and after the event to set up the room before the luncheon or clean up afterward. In ACS Facility Scheduler, these are called setup time and teardown time.

When booking resources, you can add setup and teardown times to the event. These times can be calculated based on the default setup and teardown times for the resources you have booked or be unique to the event.

When you enter a setup and/or teardown time manually, then add one or more resources to the event one of the following happens:

  • If the total time of the resources is less than the manually entered time, no changes are made.

  • If the total time of the resources is greater than the manually entered time, the manually entered time changes to match the resource time.

Booking Multiple Locations

Some events make use of more than one location.

For example, a wedding might take place in the main sanctuary, but the event also requires that several other rooms be booked for the wedding parties to prep and for the reception.

In this case, you can designate the main sanctuary as the primary location.

Resource Notes

Booked resources can contain notes specific to the event.

Each resource has a default note, which contains the resource's description. This note can be customized for each event. For example, when booking chairs, you can include instructions for setting up the chairs.

When adding resources to an event, you can add multiple resources at once by selecting the checkboxes beside each resource you want to add.

Booking Availability Status

When you add a new resource to an event, the Event Resources section displays an availability status icon. You can use this icon to determine the resource availability.

To prevent accidentally selecting unavailable resources while booking resources for your event, clear Include Booked Resources. This hides unavailable resources.
CheckThe resource is available for use during this time.
WarningThe resource is either partially booked (if you have two vans, one is available and one has been booked) or has been requested for another event that is pending or approved, but not yet confirmed.
ErrorNot available. The resource is booked by an event that is confirmed.
CanceledThe resource is requested by an event that has been canceled.