Set up Registration for an Event

You can set up online registration for an event. You must create at least one registration period.


Event Registration requires Access ACS.

You cannot use Event Registration if Access ACS and ACS Facility Scheduler are not linked. Event registration in ACS Facility Scheduler is fully integrated with event registration in Access ACS.

Security is controlled in Access ACS. If you don't have access to event registration in Access ACS, you will not have access to event registration in ACS Facility Scheduler .

  1. On the Calendar tab, click Calendar.
  2. Select the event you want to set up.
  3. In the Actions group, click Edit Event.
  4. In the Options group, click Enable Registrations.
  5. In the Period Details dialog box, select Allow Deposits/Additional Event Payments to enable deposits for the event.
  6. Enter the Period Name, Start Date, End Date, and Total Period Cost for the registration period.
  7. If you selected Allow Deposits/Additional Event Payments, enter the Deposit Cost.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Enter Primary Contact Information, as necessary.
  10. Enter Additional Information as necessary.
  11. To allow members to register themselves or their family members, under Additional Information, select Public.
  12. Select other registration options as necessary.
  13. In the Actions group, click Save and Close.