Event Registration Options

Event registration includes a variety of additional options.

Multiple registration periods and fees
Each event and subevent can have a single registration period or more than one, such as early and late registration, with a different fee structure for each period.
Online payments
You can configure events to accept online payments if you have an approved merchant account.
Member Registration
You can configure events to allow members to register themselves or their family members.
Guest Registration
On the Information tab, under Guest Registration Options, you can configure events to allow members to register guests, either with names or anonymously.
Contact Information
Events can have a primary contact name, e-mail address, and phone number. To have e-mail updates sent to the contact person, select Notify when registration changes occur. The contact person receives a summary of event registrations and cancellations every 24 hours. (The notifications are sent only on days that changes occurred.) If a person is listed as the contact for several events, you can choose which events to receive updates on. A separate e-mail is sent for each event.
Events can have a location. This is separate from the Primary Location. It does not have to be a location in your database, and it does not get booked. Each event can also be assigned to campus or department.
Maximum number of attendees
Events and subevents can have a maximum capacity. When the capacity is reached, registration for the event is no longer available.
Each event can have its own set of special requirements.
Each event and subevent can have a set of questions that registrants can be required to answer when registering.
Each event and subevent can have supplies, such as books or t-shirts, available for purchase when registering.
Each event and subevent can have documents, such as parental consent forms, that can be downloaded when registering.
Recurring events
Recurring events offer additional event registration options.