Link ACS Facility Scheduler Users to Access ACS

If you create a user account in ACS Facility Scheduler first, you must manually link the account to Access ACS.

You must also have permissions to manage user accounts in Access ACS.

In ACS Facility Scheduler, you'll need to add the user and select a role. Then, you'll log into Access ACS to assign permissions and link the profiles.

  1. On the Administration tab, click Users.
  2. In the Actions group, click Add User.
  3. In the Find Individual window, enter the individual's name, then click Search.
  4. If the user displays, select the record and click OK.
  5. If the user does not display, click Add New Individual. Enter the individual's First and Last Name, then click Save & Close.
  6. In the User Details window, under General, click Login.
  7. Enter the username, password and e-mail address.
  8. Click Roles.
  9. Select a role for the user, then click Save & Close.