Assign Permissions to a Role

When you change the permissions for a role, the permissions for all users assigned to that role are updated.

You can manage permissions in the these areas:

  • People — Add, edit, and delete individuals
  • Reports — View and print reports (based on permissions to specific calendars)
  • Scheduler (All Calendars) — Create and manage all calendars, event types, resources, resource categories, and tags
  • Individual Calendars — Specific permissions for each calendar

For each calendar, you can manage these permissions:

  • Booking restricted resources
  • Approving, canceling, and confirming events
  • Publishing events
  • Adding, deleting, viewing, and editing events
  • Selecting tags
  1. On the Administration tab, click Roles.
  2. Select the role.
  3. In the Actions group, click Edit Role.
  4. Under Permission Summary, click Edit.
  5. Select the permissions you want the role to have, then click OK.
  6. In the Actions group, click Save and Close.