Combine Locations

You can combine locations so that rooms with dividers can't be double-booked by accident.

You can see which locations are combined on the grid in Administration > Resources. A check box displays beside the room, and when you place your cursor over the check box, the locations that make up the combined room display.

For example, suppose you have a large meeting room with a divider. When the divider is open, this is Room 100. When the divider is closed, it becomes Room 100-A and Room 100-B. If Room 100 is booked, neither rooms 100-A nor 100-B can booked. If Room 100-A is booked, room 100-B can still be booked, but Room 100 cannot.

Before combining locations, you must add the rooms to ACS Facility Scheduler.

  1. Select the larger room and click Edit Resource.
  2. In the Show group, click Combined Rooms.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Select the rooms that make up the larger room and click OK.
  5. In the Actions group, click Save and Close.