Resources are items, locations, or people that can be booked for events.

When a resource is booked for one event, it cannot be booked for another event at the same time. For example, when you book the fellowship hall for a luncheon, no other event can reserve the fellowship hall for that time slot.

By default, booked resources do not display when selecting resources. To view all resources, including booked resources, select Include Booked Resources.

In addition to grouping resources by type, resources are also put into categories. Categories are then assigned to one or more calendars. Resources can only be booked for an event if the category it is in has been assigned to the calendar you are adding the event to.

To view all resources, right-click inside the grid, then click Expand All. To hide the list of resources, click Collapse All. If you also expand or collapse resource categories, then navigate to a different area of ACS Facility Scheduler , the program saves your changes.