Event Types

As an administrator, you can create event types to ensure that specific information is always entered for certain kinds of events.

Event types are templates that contain specific fields for information. Event types can also require that certain fields are filled in before the event is created. You can create an unlimited number of event types.

Some example of common event types include wedding, luncheon, baptism/christening, and community meeting.

Event types provide a standardized form of information for the event. For example, fields set up for a wedding event type might include:

  • Bride's Name
  • Bride's Phone Number
  • Groom's Name
  • Groom's Phone Number
  • Director's Name
  • Officiating Pastor
  • Florist

In this scenario, you might require that the bride's name and groom's name are entered before creating the event.

The fields set up for a community meeting event type might include:

  • Contact's Name
  • Contact's Phone Number
  • Organization Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Billing Address