Add Calendars

You can have an unlimited number of calendars in ACS Facility Scheduler .

To ensure that everyone can view a calendar, mark it as Published. This does not mean that all events on the calendar automatically display to all users: you can choose whether or not to publish each event on the calendar.

All calendars have an RSS News Feed that you can view and subscribe to. If you want to customize the RSS feed link, you can do so when adding the calendar.

When you add a new calendar, you must select a color for it. Colors are useful when viewing more than one calendar at a time: they help you identify the calendar of events.

The drop-down list lets you add most colors, but you can also add a custom color. After you add a custom color, it displays on the Custom tab under Recent Colors.

  1. On the Administration tab, click Calendars.
  2. In the Actions group, click Add Calendar.
  3. Enter the Calendar Name.
  4. In the drop-down list, select a Color. To select a predefined color, click on the Web tab.To create a custom color, click on the Custom tab.
  5. To ensure that all users can view the calendar, select Published.
  6. To customize the RSS feed link, select Customize and enter the new link.
  7. To add another calendar, click Save & Add Another. Otherwise, click Save & Close.
The calendar is added. Now you may want to assign resource categories to it so that you can book equipment for events on the calendar.