Welcome to ACS Facility Scheduler

ACS Facility Scheduler is a Web-based calendar and scheduling solution designed specifically to help you manage facilities and equipment.

With ACS Facility Scheduler, you can ensure that events are always marked on the calendar and that resources are never double-booked. Since this is a Web-based application, you can access it from anywhere, at any time.

In ACS Facility Scheduler, you can

  • Create multiple calendars; organize events into designated calendars.
  • Prevent booking conflicts by adding your equipment, locations, and people as resources to be scheduled for events.
  • Create event types to require information input, create request forms, and select or sort events.
  • Arrange meetings, reserve rooms, and book equipment and resources quickly.
  • Schedule multiple locations per event.
  • Add recurring events, such as a finance committee that meets every second Tuesday or VBS that runs five consecutive days.
  • Run reports and create queries on your scheduling data.
  • Customize user permissions to suit the personnel structure of your organization.